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A Service Celebrating the Life & Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King

Information Submitted By Maria Begg-Roberson

By Jennifer Ersalesi

On Monday, January 20th Mt. Ararat Baptist Church and the Rutherford Civil Rights Commission will host “A Service Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King” at Mt. Ararat Church on 27 Elm Street. High school students, Boy and Girl Scouts, parents, and Superintendent Jack Hurley will be sharing information about MLK's life in relation to the world in which we currently live.

Mt. Ararat Church

Councilwoman Maria Begg-Roberson will facilitate the service with the support of Pastor Shawn Pate of Mount Ararat. The service will be led by diverse members of our Rutherford community. Councilwoman Begg-Roberson explained, “We will take time to remember an American hero who advocated to ensure the civil rights that we enjoy today. I appreciate the support of Superintendent Hurley, parents, students, and the Girl and Boy Scouts in planning this. This is truly a community event! The Rutherford Civil Rights Commission hopes that attendees will understand that living a life of service literally makes this world a better place especially for those who cannot fight for themselves.”

The Rutherford Civil Rights Commission works throughout the year to help eliminate discrimination and increase community awareness of civil rights through education and advocacy. This particular celebration is just one example of the many ways the RCR Commission inspires the community to respect, understand, and respect the civil rights of all people.

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"I want children to be aware of who Martin Luther King, Jr. was. He had a dream and we are living that dream in 2020 in the United States. I want our children to use their privilege to be passionate advocates for those who cannot fight for themselves. It is also important to realize that the civil rights that we take for granted are here due to the sacrifice of others such as, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., " Councilwoman Begg-Roberson told TIR.

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