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2022 Ragamuffin Parade

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Photo credits: Jennifer Ersalesi and the Rutherford Recreation Department

This year's Ragamuffin Parade took place on Saturday, October 29th in Lincoln Park. There were over 120 pre-registered participants and several more registered that morning.

Council members Ray Guzman, dressed as Elvis, and Maria Begg-Roberson, dressed as a friendly witch, were the masters of ceremony. They thanked the Mayor and Council, the DPW (for cleaning up the park and making it safe for everyone), Recreation Director Pat Bonner, and Dairy Queen for supporting the event by supplying gift cards for the winners. Pat Bonner gave a "huge shout-out" to Maureen Bigley and Janice Guzman for all of their hard work organizing the event and thanked the group of Interact Club Members that volunteered at the event and Laurie Gentile for her assistance as well.

The winners were:

Ariel, The Price is Right, Cabbage Patch Kid

Human Pinata, Royalty, Star Wars

Valente Plumbing, Bakers, Boba Fett

Bananas, and Honorable Mention: Monsters Inc., and Mayor's Choice: Ray Guzman as Elvis

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