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By Jennifer Ersalesi

Rutherford resident, John Talty has been a Physical Therapist for 14 years. After graduating from Rutgers University and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), John started his career working for Holy Name Medical Center at the Teaneck and Oradell locations.  He worked primarily in the outpatient departments and home care. John explained, “I also worked on the inpatient side as well, but I realized my true passion was in outpatient and home care.”  John Talty opened his office, Rutherford Physical Therapy, on Union Ave in Rutherford in April of 2014. 

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The Talty Family

A patient’s first visit to Rutherford Physical Therapy is crucial because it is when John gets to gather information and an understanding of how an injury occurred.  It is important for him to establish how a patient’s injury is affecting his/her life currently compared to prior to the occurrence.  John explained, “A diagnosis is very limited information and varies between individuals. That is why we book that appointment for a full hour with the therapist. The best outcomes happen when the patient is able to explain how and when they are limited. This is the information that I use to build a plan of care.”

John does provide in-home visits within the local community.  If a patient is interested in in-home visits they can inquire prior to booking their initial visit. In order for in-home visits to be most effective, it is best for John and the patient to discuss the visits ahead of time so that both have an understanding of what is necessary and expected. 

John Talty is the only Physical Therapist at Rutherford Physical Therapy, which gives him the opportunity to really get to know a patient and provide the best care possible.  John told TIR, “Consistency is key throughout the patient's recovery process. Being consistent with attendance, adherence to prescribed exercises, and avoiding painful positions or actions discussed during the evaluation establish a good foundation. As the only physical therapist, it allows consistent dialogue between myself and the patient.  I want to know how a patient is feeling every time they come in and how their body responded after the last visit.  This information allows me to see if the plan of care that was set forth at the initial evaluation is working or if a new plan needs to be created.” 

To ensure that his patients continue to become stronger and pain-free when they are not doing therapy alongside John, he focuses on educating the patient on movements or activities to avoid, which is crucial to recovery.  

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“If we can avoid problematic positions until we can restore normal movement, that is very helpful and decreases the length of recovery.  I believe home exercises are useful, but I prefer having a more fluid home program compared to a rigid sheet of exercises.  I would prefer patients to listen to what their body is telling them as opposed to what exercises I have prescribed.  When the patient is in less pain and able to return to what they can do, I have a clearer understanding of what is problematic and what exercises are typically pain-free.” Approaching discharge, John discusses a home exercise program or gym routine to help maintain the gains associated with physical therapy.

Make your appointment today. No prescription is necessary and Physical Therapy is covered by most insurances, including Medicare.

Rutherford Physical Therapy

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