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Veterans Day Observance 2020

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Rutherford held its annual Veterans Day Observance in the morning on Wednesday, November 11th. Each year the town of Rutherford recognizes veterans in Rutherford and throughout the country. This year all participants and those in attendance wore masks and maintained social distance. For the full video of the observance, click here.

Bob Hansen, Commander of American Legion Post 109, opened the observance of the national holiday, at the World War I Monument, located at the circle between the Rutherford Public Library and Rutherford Post Office. This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the monument which honors the nineteen servicemen from Rutherford who died during WWI.

Mayor Frank Nunziato was introduced by Bob Hansen and he thanked all of the veterans locally and nationally.

As he stood at the WWII Monument in Lincoln Park, Charles Gunn, Commander of American Legion Post 453, paid honor to those from Rutherford represented on the monument. Many of the names engraved included several members of Rutherford families.

John Chrzanowski, Vietnam Veteran, spoke near the Vietnam and Korean Memorials. He acknowledged and paid honor to Rudy Nichols, whose military banner hangs near that area. Nichols was a Marine Drill Sergeant. To learn more about Rudy Nichols, click here. Chrzanowski provided a synopsis of the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Standing beside the Spanish-American War monument, Charles Binder spoke about the impact of the Spanish-American War on the community of Rutherford and the world.

Bob Hansen stood near the Revolutionary, Civil War, and the September 11th Monuments. Hansen explained the importance of the various jobs and roles within the military. Hansen spoke about the military banners that have been hung along Park Ave and connecting streets. He credited the banners for doubly honoring veterans. First, honored by their family and friends and then honored again each time someone reads the banner.

Bob Hansen introduced Admiral Crawford, former US Navy officer and 43rd Judge Advocate General (JAG), who spoke of how much it means to him to put his uniform on because he knows that the uniform carries the respect and honor that the nation has given him.

The program concluded with Charles Gunn who asked everyone to join him in a moment of silence and prayer.

To read more about our local heroes, click here.

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