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Puffs: RHS All-School Play Recap

By Contributing Writers Mia and Ava Vaccarella

Photo credit: Mia Vaccarella

The efforts and talents of Rutherford High School’s students were displayed in their annual play production of Puffs on November 18th and 19th, in the school’s auditorium. Perfect for any fans of Harry Potter, Puffs not only focuses on the said “underdogs” of the lovable, magical universe, but also contrasts the tragedy found in the original with witty comedic timing and cliché but lovable character tropes. Through it all, the clever use of well-known music guided the wizards through their years at Hogwarts including songs from Marvin Gaye and Queen, as well as 2000s hits including “Tubthumping.”

Wayne, a different orphan than our Harry Potter, learns that he is a wizard, and is sorted into the least gloried house, Hufflepuff, otherwise known as the “Puffs.” Megan, angry that she’s been placed there, is an outsider with a mother in prison, not looking to make any friends. Wayne and Oliver, more high-spirited than Megan, are constantly struggling to learn the ways of the wizarding world, but manage to form a fresh, new trio.

With the famed Puff, Cedric Diggory leading, and Professors dispiriting them at every corner, the play illuminates the Hufflepuffs’ misfortune–just reaching third place in the House Cup—a much more attainable goal than first—only to be dropped down to fourth. The second and third year leaves an escaped monster loose in the halls and a follower of Voldemort running rampant after breaking out of prison. In spite of that, the next year gives the Puffs an opportunity to finally be heroes when Cedric is chosen to participate in a school-wide wizarding tournament, the “Triwizard Cup.”

Next year, Wayne, Megan, and Oliver struggle to learn defensive spells. The next eventful few months at Hogwarts reunite Megan and her mom, only for Megan to discover that her mother is not a good person nor a good wizard.

Nearing the end of their time at Hogwarts, Puffs are expected to flee from the war against Voldemort, although many decide to fight. Here, the Puffs are ultimately heroes. Though there were losses in the midst of the chaos, the Puffs did not succumb to the negative biases that name Hufflepuffs as weak; instead, they were able to experience friendship and support from one another, a lesson to be learned by all viewers of the play on the evenings of its performance!

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