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Meet Your Crossing Guards

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

by Kim Bogosian

The RDP's Crossing Guard display at 11 Park Ave.

With school back in session, you may have noticed an increase in traffic around town. The Rutherford Police Department oversees a team of Crossing Guards to help our children safely navigate our town. But do you know who your local Crossing Guard is? To help put names to faces, the RPD created a display introducing the team in the window of Better Homes and Gardens Coccia Realty located at 11 Park Avenue. Each guard is shown and listed with the intersection they can be found at before and after school.

According to Sgt. Julie Zeigler, "Crossing Guards play an important role in communities because children are at an inherent disadvantage when dealing with traffic. They also draw attention to important intersections and reduce vehicle speeds in neighborhoods."

Stop by the Coccia windows and see if you can locate your neighborhood Crossing Guard!

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