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Information about Public Meetings at Borough Hall

Submitted by Margaret (Missy) Scanlon, RMC, Borough Clerk

In compliance with the Governor’s Executive Order, all Boards and Commissions having legislative power may conduct their public meetings in Borough Hall adhering to the below guidelines. Until further notice, Borough Committees will only be permitted to meet in an outdoor venue, such as Lincoln Park, via zoom or telephonically following the same guidelines. Notice of all meetings must be coordinated through the Clerk’s Office to ensure full compliance with the Open Public Meetings law.

Adhere to meeting room capacity:

· Council Chambers: 50 people

· Blue Conference Room: 7 people

· Red Conference Room: 7 people

Social Distancing requirements of 6 (six) feet

Facial Coverings must be worn until stationary

Temperature Scanning: Individuals with 100.4 temperature or higher are not permitted into Borough Hall

Sign-In Sheet: For contract tracking purposes, all attendees are required to sign-in with name, date, address, phone number

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