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Blue Hearts and Blue Lights

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Photo credit: Photo submissions from Rutherford community members

The community of Rutherford has come together in many ways to support one another during this national health crisis. By placing stuffed animals and rainbows in their windows, writing uplifting messages on the sidewalks and streets, setting up a little free pantry, and sewing masks for first responders, healthcare workers, and community members, the people in our community have demonstrated compassion, positivity, and generosity.

Recently, many residents have been placing blue hearts in their windows and/or on their lawns, and blue lights outside of their homes. These displays of support have been shared across social media platforms and encouraged by a number of community organizations, such as the Rutherford Arts Council. By displaying blue hearts and shining blue lights, members of our community are showing their gratitude and support for the first responders and healthcare workers that are selflessly caring for others during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

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