These are the people

in our neighborhood

This Is Rutherford believes that an important part of community is neighbors learning about neighbors. From time to time, TIR will highlight a familiar face that you may recognize around town and give you the opportunity to learn about them. 

Caryn Miller, Tax Collector


Q: What is your position in town?

A: Tax Collector

Q: How many years have you been a Rutherford resident?

A: 38 years

Q: What do you love about Rutherford?

A: The small town feel, the excellent schools, (I’m a little prejudiced there), being able to walk anywhere in town. The 1st time I came to Rutherford, I walked on Park Avenue and was absolutely convinced Aunt Bea & Opie were going to walk out of one of the shops.

Q: What is your Favorite place in Rutherford?

A: My backyard; after that I love Paisano’s & Yellowtail.

Q: What you wish people knew about your job?

A: We collect for the town, the county and the schools; three budgets must be calculated and if any of those budgets change, so do our taxes. In my 23 years with the Borough I have seen many changes, such as personnel cuts due to attrition, increased automation, a vital on-line presence, etc. and I truly feel we have very efficiently run departments.


Tax Collector’s Office Duties & Responsibilities

o Quarterly collection of property taxes
o Annual mailing of tax bills- estimated, final, added/omitted assessment and
Homestead Credit
o Preparation and execution of annual tax lien sale
o Calculation and refunding of Tax Liens held by outside lien holders
o Preparation and mailing of five delinquent notices per year
o Processing and deposit of monies from the Building Dept., Recreation,
Borough Clerk, Health Dept., Dept. of Public Works, Municipal Court and Police
o Tax Searches
o Calculation and refunding of refunds by virtue of State and County Tax Board

o Deposit of parking meter monies
o Provide banks, attorneys and title companies, with the pertinent information,
such as tax status, for home sales, refinances, etc.
o Assist Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons and Veterans with Property Tax
Deduction applications and determination of eligibility for same
o Preparation of annual report to be submitted to Bergen County Tax Board,
reporting number of property tax deductions for reimbursement of same to
o Maintenance of home ownership, current mailing addresses and mortgage
company information on property tax records
o Coordinate daily/monthly Accounts Receivable with Chief Financial Officer
o Provide clerical support to Tax Assessor’s office such as answering telephone
calls, taking messages and providing information/support to taxpayers whether
by phone or in person
o Assist with inter-departmental staffing on an as needed basis


Rick Hild, Park Ranger

Q: What do you wish people knew about your job?

A: That I’m there to help them enjoy the use of the parks; That I need to enforce the rules and regulations of all Rutherford Parks to ensure everyone’s safety; And that I really do love dogs - they’re just not allowed in any Rutherford Parks.


Q: How many years have you been a Rutherford resident?

A: 27 years


Q: What do you love about Rutherford?

A: The community of people and how everyone cares for each other.


Q: What is your favorite place in Rutherford?

A: Memorial Field on a Sunday Morning.

Rick Hild (on right) as the Easter Bunny chauffeur while on duty as a Rutherford Park Ranger.