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What is the felician expansion?

Felician University's proposal to build a new gymnasium and wellness center on their property has been met with concern by some residents.  The residents are worried it may negatively affect the area, despite any benefits Felician states the plan may bring the school or community.  


This Is Rutherford has compiled relevant information from both positions below so that residents can be informed and aware of the topic. 


Please note: This Is Rutherford neither endorses nor opposes this plan - this page was created as a resource for residents we've spoken to who are either (1) unaware of the potential development, so they can be informed, or (2) who have asked to submit a letter to the editor, which they can do here

**NOTE: New plans were submitted to the Planning Board on April 12th, 2019. See image below**

The upcoming public Planning Board meetings at Borough Hall are:

6:30pm Wednesday May 1st - Cancelled

7:00pm Thursday May 16th


The orange lines indicate the footprint of the proposed gym.

Image found on Felician FAQ page.

Do you have an opinion on this?
Keep it clean and respectful and we'll publish Letters to the Editors here.

Submit a LTTE 

Below are some of the images printed and available for viewing at Borough Hall during business hours. 

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