Mayoral Primary Candidates

On Tuesday, June 4th, Rutherford will go to the polls to decide which candidates will be on the general election ballot in November.

Current Council Members Stephanie McGowan and Frank Nunziato are competing to be on the Democratic ticket in the general election and John Grande and Marc Marsi are competing on the Republican side.

You can learn more about registration process and deadlines here. 

This Is Rutherford sent the exact same 6 questions to all candidates in early May and they responded via email.

Below are the candidates answers in order of when we received them. TIR made no edits to the candidates' responses.


Did you know that you if you are an "Independent" or "Unaffiliated" voter that you can choose to vote in either the Democratic or Republic primary on June 4th? The act of voting will register you as either party, but you can always revert back to Independent if you choose. 

Frank Nunziato

Democratic Candidate

Rutherford resident for 53 years.

Director of Business Development for DHL Global Forwarding

Read Frank Nunziato's

answers here.

Marc Marsi

Republican Candidate

Rutherford resident since 1999.

23 year police detective with the Hoboken Police Dept.  Currently serving as the
Union President.

Read Marc Marsi's

answers here.

Stephanie McGowan

Democratic Candidate

Rutherford resident since 1985.

Dean for the School of Education and International Center for Autism and Disabilities Research in Education at Felician University

Read Stephanie McGowan's
answers here.

John Grande

Republican Candidate

Rutherford resident since 1997.

Owner of New Memory Management a full Management and Entertainment Company 
Also the former owner of Johnnys Pizzamore and House of Subs on

Park Ave.

Read John Grande's

answers here.