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Women in Business Career Workshop

On February 22, Rutherford High School students attended The Women in Business Career Workshop hosted by Stevens Institute of Technology School of Business, in conjunction with Junior Achievement of New Jersey. Rutherford High School teachers, Mrs. Lindsay Richmond and Dr. Danielle Moore, brought students who were able to interact with female mentors from New Jersey businesses. The students took part in a forum about various opportunities for high school girls who would like to pursue careers in business and technology. Read more about the event here: left to right: Resham Shah, Hannah Sim, Mary Ahn, Emily Feza, Mansi Rana, Sonali Rana, Vanessa Wilson, Abbigayle Verderber, Martina Kim, Jaidyn Goldsberry, Jillian Griggs, Christine Raffanello, Maggie Wronko Not Pictured: Grace Morales

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