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Why I Love Living in Rutherford

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

By Elizabeth Abigail Bardzell, 5th Grader, Mrs. Tara Philp's Class (Pierrepont School)

Mr. Z’s Extra Credit Why I love living in Rutherford.

Rutherford is a small town in New Jersey with a population of 18,121. It is in the middle of the small place we call , “Bergen County.” Within Bergen County, there are many big towns, within these big towns, you can find Rutherford, a home to all ages, all sizes, all people. No matter who you are, or what you look like, you can find happiness in Rutherford. Everyone enjoys the parks, the shops, the homes, we all love Rutherford. Rutherford allows you to be yourself, without the cost of discrimination.

One of my personal favorite parts of Rutherford is the community. Living in a large city makes it harder to meet people and know them personally. In our petite town, we all know one another. We all know each other’s names, our community knows each other to the point of when you don’t know someone, we immediately make sure that they know each other. We are also very welcoming, we never isolate people, we include others no matter who they are. We appreciate each other in a way that most New Yorkers couldn’t relate too. We might not all have the clearest relationships, but when you fall, others will help pick you up. We are one big game of Jenga, when one person falls, we all fall. But together, we build ourselves back into a tower. Rutherford’s community is heart warming and beautiful, and to those who live here, I know you can agree.

To conclude, I have barely touched the tip of Rutherford’s greatness. We have amazing scenery, shops, homes and districts. I love living here for those reasons. I mean, who wouldn’t? But to be brutally honest, those are just accessories. We have each other. We have people who care for us, and they support us in good and more importantly, our bad times. Our community is what doesn’t make Rutherford just a town. Rutherford’s community makes it a HOME! I do not hesitate to say, I am proud to live in Rutherford.

An essay by,

Elizabeth Abigail Bardzell

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