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Volunteers Assist Seniors in the Community

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Many members of our caring community have been finding ways to help those who might need assistance during this pandemic. The elderly and immunocompromised are strongly encouraged to stay home thus making it difficult for them to get essentials, such as food and medicine. For this reason, volunteers have been reaching out to Cathy Baviello at the 55 Kip Center. Cathy explained, “So far, we have helped ten new people with food shopping. We are doing daily phone reassurance to approximately 25 people a day and I call members and Home Friends every day.”

Although many of the volunteers that have reached out during this crisis are not part of the 55 Kip Center’s Home Friends program, they have provided the same type of support as Home Friends.

Cathy Baviello told TIR, “55 Kip Center's Home Friends Program has been serving older adults in the South Bergen area since 1996. Our volunteers provide services including phone call reassurance, essential transportation, medical appointment escort, and food shopping, free of charge. 55 Kip Center's Home Friends Program also offers a link with the available community and health services.

We are available NOW with volunteers standing by to go food shopping for anyone needing help, especially during this time. This service is available to residents outside of Rutherford as well. For more information call Cathy at

(201) 460-1600 or you can email her at

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