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Upcoming Repair Cafe

Submitted by Brian Hanson-Harding

What do you do with that toaster that won’t toast, that bike with the faulty brakes, that computer you can’t get to boot up? Throw it away? No way! Bring it to Rutherford’s Repair Café!

The Rutherford Green Team will hold its ninth Repair Cafe on Saturday, May 18, 2024, from 11:30 am - 3:30 pm in the basement of the Rutherford Public Library at 150 Park Avenue, Rutherford. Please go to the back of the library and enter through the rear courtyard.

At a Repair Café, area residents bring in non-functioning or damaged items to expert volunteers who try to fix them for free. While waiting, participants can enjoy coffee, tea, and a home-baked snack or try their hand at making crafts out of trash and recyclables.

This is a drop-in event where people are helped on a first-come, first-served basis and are encouraged to learn how to fix things themselves while reducing waste. Participants are limited to one item or two knives at a time. Volunteers will have the necessary tools and may have some spare parts available for a nominal fee. Still, participants are encouraged to obtain the necessary parts beforehand: for example, new batteries, bicycle tubes, or lamp switches.

May's Repair Café will have the following stations: bicycles, clothing and cloth items, small appliances, computers and electronics, lamps, sewing machines, small engines (lawnmowers), sewing machines, and knife sharpening. We may be able to do limited repairs on jewelry, wooden items, and furniture. (All clothing should be clean.)

Participants with multiple items go back to the end of the line after having their first item fixed. Important: check the Rutherford Repair Café Facebook page or the Rutherford Borough website closer to the event to find out about any last-minute changes in what services will be offered.

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