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"Sip for Safety" Center for Hope and Safety Event

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Many non-profit organizations are created out of a need to care for others and support them during times of difficulty and/or crisis. The Center for Hope and Safety was founded in 1976 to help domestic violence victims in New Jersey. The Center provides adult and child victims with the services they need to help heal and reconstruct their lives.

Along with generous donations from both their supporters and community members, the Center also relies on fundraising efforts to assist them in providing services to domestic violence victims and their families. On September 10th, they will hold their second annual "Sip for Safety: A Beer and Wine Tasting in Memory of Michele Sabia" at the Williams Center. Daniel Meredith, a Center for Hope and Safety supporter and advocate, explained, "Each time we support domestic violence awareness and the Center for Hope and Safety we make less room for abusers to hide in plain sight. Know the signs and fund the fight."

"Sip for Safety" is an evening of wine, beer, local food, local art, and fundraising in support of domestic violence awareness, housing for victims of domestic violence, education, and defense of Bergen County families and individuals affected by domestic violence. This event is in memory of Michele Sabia, a Rutherford school teacher who was murdered in an act of domestic violence, and a reminder that awareness and knowing the signs can help prevent these types of incidents before they happen. It also stresses the need for community support to keep Center for Hope and Safety's doors open for those in need of help 24/7 and 365 days of the year. This fundraising effort will help enable the Center for Hope and Safety to continue providing much-needed support for victims of domestic violence in our area.

To purchase tickets for this event and/or to sponsor the event, click this link.

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