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Rutherford Swim Association's Special Swim

Submitted by Mike Lazarra

Photo Credit: Emily Muller

Rutherford Swim Association completed its first session of "Special Swim". A swim program dedicated to children with special needs.

The classes ran for eight weeks with a total of 15 students registered. Megan Wofsy was the lead instructor of the group. Megan was assisted by Rutherford High School students (Buddies) some of which were members of the Rutherford High School Swim Team, Christopher Dunn, and Mike Lazzara.

Students made great progress in the first set of classes. One hundred percent of the students are now able to swim the entire length of the pool independently jumping from the starting platform and swimming underwater.

Some of their accomplishments include 100% of students who were capable of swimming the entire length of the pool independently, jumping from the starting platform, and swimming underwater.

Rutherford Swim Association is taking great strides in becoming an All-Inclusive Aquatics program that will cater to children and young adults with developmental disabilities. Rutherford Swim Association will be entering the Special Olympics for the first time this year. The organization is proud to represent their community at the Special Olympics. Quack, quack, quack, here comes the Mighty Ducks!!

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