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Police Blotter - Feb. 19th-25th: Beware of a Man with “Movie Star Looks”

This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Saturday, February 23rd - Theft, Fairview Ave

A 41 year old male resident reported a theft of black and blue Nike HyperAdapt sneakers, which are valued at $500. He received a UPS delivery notification at 12:08 pm on February 22nd but they were stolen off his front steps.

Friday, February 22nd - Fraud, Veterans Boulevard

A 59 year old man from Clifton who works in Rutherford reported he was the victim of a gift card buying scam via email. He reported that he received an email from a person who he believed was his boss requesting that he purchase twelve $400 Walmart gift cards (totaling $4800) as gifts for employees. He purchased these at Walmart in Secaucus as he believed the email he received was legitimate. When he got to work he gave them to his his boss who had no knowledge of the email. After realizing the email was not legitimate, he tried to return the gift cards but Walmart would only issue $4800 of store credit. He contacted Walmart headquarters fraud dept. and was told to file a police report.

(RPD wants to remind you that if it seems suspicious, contact the sender BEFORE purchasing gift cards. Many suspicious incidents involve a person being asked to purchase gift cards. Don’t open any links from suspicious emails and always double check by calling the sender at a known number to you).

Thursday, February 21st - Road Rage, Rt 3 West to Rt 17 North Service Road

At approximately 6:20 pm, a road rage incident took place just prior to Berry’s Creek Bridge. The incident involved a 62 year old male from Lodi driving a green Toyota Camry and a 23 year old male from Haledon who was a passenger in a white Ford van. The incident started in East Rutherford at a lane merge. Upon entering Rutherford, the Lodi man cut the white Ford van off and they began to yell at one another. The Lodi man stopped his Camry on the service road after seeing the van behind him. The Lodi man and passenger of the van each got out of their vehicles. The Lodi man accused the Haledon man of allegedly kicking his Camry 3 times. He also reported that the Haledon man allegedly punched him in the head and shoulder causing him to fall to the ground. He recorded the van’s license plate.

The driver of the white Ford van was found and claimed that after the 62 year old, Lodi man repeatedly pumped his brakes and stopped in the lane blocking traffic, his passenger got out and had a verbal and pushing altercation with the Lodi man. The driver got out of his van to separate them. He reported that the Lodi man never fell to the ground and denied anyone kicking his car. RPD checked the Camry and was unable to identify if it had incurred new damage. RPD does not condone getting out of the car and confronting anyone in a road rage incident.

Thursday, February 21st - Criminal Mischief, Union Ave

A 46 year old male reported an ongoing issue with his vehicle which was being damaged by an unknown party. He parked in his private space behind his apartment complex on February 20th at 5 pm and returned February 21st at 11:38 am. The passenger side door was missing the “pillar post trim.” He stated an unknown party had previously cut the sensors on his brake lines, but he was unsure if the same person did this damage. He reported no issues with any potential suspects.

Wednesday, February 20th - Suspicious Incident, Park Ave

A 61 year old male living with his 86 year old mother reported a suspicious incident that took place on February 19th. His mother alleged that an unknown white male, approximately 6 ft. 2 in., with blond hair and “movie star looks” arrived at her residence and portrayed himself as an employee of Suez. The man stated that he was there to check the water meter. Believing him, she let him in her home. She alerted the man that her son was home and that he could speak with him with any issues regarding the meter. Upon learning the son was home, the man abruptly stated that everything was in order and attempted to quickly leave the premises. The son asked him several questions and the man quickly left the residence without answering them. The man went down the block to a white van, but the residents could not see the license plate and the van left the area. Both the residents and the RPD contacted Suez, who informed them they did not have work orders for this residence or any residence near the home at that time. RPD reminds you to ask for ID from anyone who is entering your home on behalf of a business. RPD does not encourage you to confront a stranger and to call RPD immediately .

Tuesday, February 19th - Dispute, Felician Way

A verbal dispute between a 21 year old female from Newark, a 20 year old female from Staten Island, and a 22 year old male from Midland Park resulted in allegations that a simple assault took place. No complaints were made after RPD advised them all how to sign civilian complaints against one another. RPD reported no visible injuries.

Tuesday, February 19th - Fraud, Washington Ave

An 89 year old Washington Ave resident reported an unknown party fraudulently compiled $2,389.06 in debt on a Sears/Roebuck credit card which the complainant had never applied for nor received. The complainant reported that a debt consolidation company now owns the debt. He has asked them to stop calling him. He’s been advised to check his other accounts.

Tuesday, February 19th - Theft, Station Square

The owner of Java Junction at 6 Station Square reports someone stealing 2 newspapers every Monday through Friday between 4 am and 5 am beginning two months ago.

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