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Police Blotter - Feb. 13th-18th: Remember to Lock Your Car Doors (Yes, Even in Your Driveway)

This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Monday, February 18th - Aid & Assist, Unwanted Party, Felician Way

RPD was called by Felician University security staff at approximately 10:50pm, requesting assistance to remove non-students that were playing basketball in the gym from campus. Approximately 30 people were playing basketball upon RPD’s arrival. RPD located security staff inside their office, but security was unsure which students were not supposed to be there. Officers advised Felician security to call again if they can determine who belongs on their property.

Monday, February 18th - Criminal Mischief, Union Ave

A complainant reported the sensors to his 2015 Chevy Suburban were cut by an unknown party. He noticed about 2-3 weeks prior that there were many alert lights lit up on the dashboard. Thinking it was due to the cold temperature, he ignored it but they remained on for another week. He brought the vehicle to the mechanic and was advised 3 tire and brake sensors under the vehicle were cut. Photos were taken, but there are no suspects and the vehicle is always parked in his apartment complex. The repair works are estimated at $300-$500.

Monday, February 18th - Suspicious Incident, Union Ave

A possible forced entry was reported at an apartment building on the 100 block of Union Ave. Officers observed a broken window pane on the lower right corner of the door, broken inward and a small amount of blood. The damage was first observed at approximately 10 am on Feb 18th . A witness reported hearing someone attempting to gain entrance between 12:00-12:30 am the previous night by first attempting to get buzzed in. The witness then heard glass breaking. It was determined that a resident had forgotten her key and locked herself out. She will contact the superintendent and make restitution.

Saturday, February 16th - Burglary, Garfield Place

A resident reported that her unlocked vehicle, which had been parked in her driveway, was rummaged through sometime between 11:45 pm on Feb. 15th and 11:45am on Feb 16th and the doors were left ajar. Sunglasses and an Apple phone charging wire were stolen (approximate value $270). No evidentiary value could be gained because the vehicle had been moved and no cameras were present.

Saturday, February 16th - Burglary, Mountain Way

Caller reported their 2014 silver Jeep had been rummaged through and a cell phone charger and receipts were missing. It had been parked in the driveway at approximately 10:15 pm, until the owner returned at 10:30 am next day. They found the passenger side door slightly ajar. Because the vehicle had been moved, no evidentiary value could be gained. The caller was given an ID theft pamphlet.

**Do not move your car if this happens to you - Call RPD immediately and don’t touch anything to preserve evidence such as fingerprints**

Saturday, February 16th - Suspicious Person, Morse Ave

A caller reported a man wearing dark clothing walking east on Morse Ave possibly looking into cars at approximately 11:45 pm. Officers dispatched that the reported man was gone on arrival but checked cars in the area and nothing seemed amiss.

Saturday, February 16th - Criminal Mischief, Park Ave

A caller reported that their gray 2015 Lexus had been damaged for the 4th time while parked on the east side of Park Ave in front of their residence. The incident occurred between February 13 -14 and included a dent to the trunk and the area above the license plate. The spoiler was cracked directly above the dent. The most recent incident occurred between February 15-16 with a deep scratch to the trunk.

Friday, February 15th - Suspicious Person

A caller reported that while she was cooking outside of her residence, a man approached her to use her phone because his vehicle was disabled. She felt uncomfortable and refused his request. Officers found the man walking on Riverside Ave and determined his car was disabled on Rt 3 and gave him courtesy transport back to his vehicle and called a tow.

Thursday, February 14th - Simple Assault, Rutherford Ave

A 23 year old male from Union City reported a road rage incident on Orient Way at approximately 9:30 am. While the Union City man was stopped at a light on Barrows Ave, the driver of a second car, a 42 year old male from Kearny, began honking his horn. Upon stopping at the next traffic light at Rutherford Ave., the Kearny man pulled alongside his vehicle. Both men exited their vehicles and the Kearny man approached the Union City man in an aggressive manner and punched him. The Union City man punched him back resulting in the Kearny man grabbing him and pushing him against a truck, causing leg pain. The Kearny man got back into his car and continue south towards Lyndhurst. An investigation found the Kearny man and confirmed he was the accused. No complaints filed. **RPD discourages people from exiting their vehicles in order to have a physical altercation.**

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