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Police Blotter - 5/13 - 5/21: 4 More Car Burglaries; Noise at Tryon

Updated: May 31, 2019

Monthly RPD Reports can be found here. New: April Activity Report

This is Rutherford publishes incidents that the public may find interesting or informative. The Blotter represents a small fraction of the total calls the RDP responds to regularly. The following information was provided to TIR by the Rutherford Police. All suspects are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Incidents involving juveniles will not be published.


Tuesday, May 21st - Animal Complaint, Carmita Ave

A 59 year old woman called RPD to say 2 large dogs ran out of their property and chased after what she believed to be a young man walking toward Union School. Officers were dispatched and reported the dogs’ owner had just returned from the dog park and had accidentally dropped the leash of one of the dogs. The owner grabbed the leash and walked the dogs over to the boy. The dogs had current licensing and were not deemed a threat.

Monday, May 20th - Criminal Trespass, Ridge Road

A caller reported that an unknown party trespassed on his mother’s property and moved her exterior camera without her permission. There is an ongoing dispute and the mother and son believe the camera may have been moved in order for her neighbor to take out their garbage cans which violated their court ordered easement agreement.

Monday, May 20th - Noise Complaint, Tryon Field

A 51 year old female complainant responded to RPD to report loud music at the Relay for Life event the previous evening and stated it was extremely loud until 12:30 am. She believed it in violation of noise ordinance and requested that in the future it be quieter.

Monday, May 20th - Found Property, Feronia Way

Officer Reed located a 2 color Schwinn mountain bike laying partially on the street in front of 19 Nevins Street and an attempt to make contact with the homeowner was negative. The bike’s serial number was run in the state police system and Project 529 with negative results. Please contact RPD at 201-939-6000 X 1 if you believe it to be your property and are able to correctly identify the colors of this bike.

Sunday, May 19th - Suspicious Incident, Spring Dell

At approximately 8:07 pm, 911 received a call that a gray Infinity car with a group of white males threw a baseball at the caller and his friends who were riding bicycles. The bicyclists were not injured. Officers responded and checked the area with negative results.

Sunday, May 19th - Narcan Administered, Ames Ave

At approximately 7:10pm, RDP dispatched and administered 1 dose of narcan to a patient.

Sunday, May 19th - General Complaint, Walnut Street

A 58 year old female called to complain about the curbed median divider on the Passaic side of the Union Ave bridge. She believes that as you head north toward Passaic, the island is not visible enough and she has run into it many times. She has also seen many vehicles stuck on top of the median. She’d like the island painted to be more visible. RPD will notify Passaic County of the complaint.

Saturday, May 18th - Noise Complaint, Tryon Field

A 29 year old male reported the music playing at Tryon Field at approximately 9:07 am was above the borough’s decibel level ordinance. The music was already turned down prior to RPD’s arrival.

Friday, May 17th - Harassment, Hastings Ave

A 79 year old woman reported she’s been receiving unwanted calls and text messages. She was initially contacted on May 10th at 2 pm by a man introducing himself as “John Walter, Representative of Comcast” and she believed he had a heavy Indian accent. He advised her computer has a virus and he was calling to fix it. She did not believe him. He became angry and began repeatedly calling her. On May 17th he texted her even after she told him to stop calling her and he started sending her insulting text messages. She has been advised to block those numbers and RPD attempted to call the numbers but there was no answer and online searches had negative results for anyone registered to them.

Thursday, May 16th - Burglary, Wood Street

A 39 year old female reported her 2009 Acura was broken into overnight. She parked it approximately 6:00 pm on May 15th directly outside her residence and came back to her car at 8:00 am on May 16th when she observed the car had been ransacked. She was unsure if she locked the doors but stated they may have been unlocked. Black Ray Ban Aviators and a tan Ray Ban case were missing with an estimated value of $110.

Thursday, May 16th - Unlawful Taking, Orient Way

After a motor vehicle accident near Orient Way and Crane Ave at approximately 7:30 pm, one of the drivers who was involved reported that the other driver from the vehicle that struck him got out of the vehicle, picked up a bumper, got back in the car, and fled north on Orient Way. East Rutherford PD was called for assistance to check the area. Sgt. Rubino of East Rutherford located the vehicle in question and contacted the owner. The vehicle was registered to a Rutherford residence. The vehicle’s owner said that her roommate took the vehicle without her permission while she was either taking a nap or conducting business with a client. RPD Officer Donovan located the male on foot at Sylvan and Highland and placed him under arrest. He was charged with an “unlawful taking of a means of conveyance.” He was found to have active warrants from 2 jurisdictions. He was able to post full bail and was issued 5 motor vehicle summonses for: careless driving, failure to report, leaving the scene, following too closely, and driving with a suspended license.

Thursday, May 16th - Animal Complaint, Morse Ave

A caller reported a large beehive on his property . Responding Officers reported a large hive with app 200-300 bees. The area was taped off to keep it safe. The DPW supervisor and a beekeeper were contacted.

Thursday, May 16th - Animal Complaint, Montross Ave

A resident called RPD regarding baby birds she found and was keeping in a box. Tyco, the animal control agency contracted with the Borough, stated they would not take the birds due to the fact that the birds were initially found on a property in Hoboken and moved to Rutherford. They notified the caller that if she could not find an agency to take them, she’d have to return them to Hoboken and find out what services are provided there.

Thursday, May 16th - Burglary, Wood Street

The owner of a 2010 Subaru Forester reported his car was mistakenly left unlocked, and did not initially notice anything out of place but upon arriving at the Garden State Plaza noticed loose change, lottery tickets and sunglasses were missing. The car was parked on west side of street in front of his home. Black Oakley sunglasses worth $100, $20 lottery tickets and $5 loose change were missing.

Thursday, May 16th - Verbal Dispute, Stuyvesant Ave

A caller reported that 2 of his co-workers, a 29 year old male from Passaic and a 28 year old male from Clifton, who both work for the same company in North Arlington, were having a verbal dispute. Caller reported that workers were having a dispute over productivity and one notified the supervisor that the other was not pulling their weight. No complaints were filed at that time.

Thursday, May 16th - Burglary, Washington Ave

A caller reported that an unknown person entered his 4-door Toyota Corolla and stole his laptop. The car was parked on the street, unlocked, from approximately 9:30 pm on May 15th until and 6:45 am on May16th. There were no signs of forced entry. Contents of the glove compartment had been dumped onto the passenger side floor. A briefcase was still there however a laptop was missing as well as black adidas gym bag and an “ASUS” computer monitor and wireless mouse.

Wednesday, May 15th - CDS Paraphernalia, Train Station

A 21 year old male from Wood-Ridge was arrested after a NJ Transit Railroad worker called RPD at approximately 2:37 pm to report a male with a flower shirt and a woman who appeared to be homeless in the restroom of the train station smoking marijuana. Officers were dispatched and the man was arrested, issued a summons for possession of paraphernalia and released on a summons. The woman he was with was gone upon RPD arrival.

Wednesday, May 15th - Suspicious Person, Park Ave

A 19 year old male notified RPD of a male dressed in all black with a possible face mask looking in storefronts, possibly casing businesses. RPD responded to find a man who admitted to looking in windows to see what time it was. He was looking to take a bus after playing Fanduel at MetLife stadium and was able to provide tickets as proof. RPD checked for warrants on him which were negative and gave him a courtesy ride to Station Square to catch a bus.

Tuesday, May 14th - Fraud, Van Riper Ave

A 20 year old male from Van Riper Ave. reported he accidentally allowed an unknown person to use a screen sharing app to access his computer. The man called what he believed to be Amazon tech support on March 18th at 888-233-4135. The party then accessed his Amazon account and ordered $425 in gift cards. He contacted Amazon who said they would work with him to settle the dispute but he would need a police report. RPD attempted to call the phone number provided but received a Bosley Hair Restoration service.

Tuesday, May 14th - Suspicious Person, Mortimer Ave

An anonymous caller reported a person running north on Mortimer Ave toward Union Ave. The caller said it appeared to be a high school student, possibly 17-18 years old wearing a black winter coat, navy pants and ski mask. The party did not have anything in their hands and the only thing suspicious thing was the ski mask. RPD found searched the area and found nothing suspicious.

Monday, May 13th - Burglary, Wilson Ave

A 53 year old male reported someone stole plants out of the back of his vehicle overnight which was parked from Saturday, May 11th around noon until May 12th. There was approximately $1000 worth of plants in the back of his vehicle. The man had left the car’s rear doors ajar overnight so the plants could breathe. He reported to RPD that the plants missing were 2 mandevillas, 1 wisteria, 1 jasmine, 6 canis, 1 tray of lantanis totalling an approximate value of $345.75.

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