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Little League Baseball and Softball Parade and Opening Day

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Photo credits: Dan Meredith and Jennifer Ersalesi

On a warm Spring day under mostly sunny skies, Little League Baseball and Softball players of all ages, their coaches, and many of the Board members participated in the Parade down Union Avenue to the Little League Field at Memorial Park. This parade, a time-honored annual tradition, gives the community a chance to see all of the teams march in pride to the field where the Opening Day Ceremony takes place.

This year's Rutherford Little League Board has been working hard to ensure that the fields, teams, and coaches are prepared for a brand new season.

RLL Baseball Board: Vinny Urgola, Brian Redington, Matt Ventura, Russ Snyder, Jen Gioia, Cormac Joyce, Mark Goldsack, Tom Barnes, Dennis Gentile, Jess Byrne, Jim Spanarkel, and Michael Bohn

The Rutherford Little League Softball Board has also been making sure that their teams, coaches, and fields are ready for another exciting season.

RLL Softball Board: Ryan Hadrava, Chris Beatini, Brad Kloza, Michael Cronin, Ray Guzman, Mark O'Connor, Tom Lewis, and Craig Erickson

Below are some photos from the parade:

Below are photos of the Opening Day Ceremony:

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