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Letter to the Editor: Memorial Field Diamond 2

Updated: Jan 21

Submitted by Vin Keeler

As a Rutherford alum who has contributed to the Little League field’s recent repairs and installation of batting practice cages, I have proposed to the Mayor and Borough Administrator to allow for personal donations to be used to fund the repair of the infield at Memorial Field’s Diamond 2 (our RHS Varsity and Babe Ruth Baseball field).

The repair would include a new grass infield, new pitching mound, new home plate and batting area, and new base paths, similar to what was done on the LL Field, by the same contractor. The funds are secured by personal donations and the work could be done in late January /early February to be completed in time to be played on this season. 

For anyone who has played, coached, or attended a game on that field it is well known that the field is not only an embarrassment to our rich Rutherford Baseball tradition but a safety concern to our pitchers, infielders, and base runners who virtually play on a cement-like surface.

There will be a Mayor and Council meeting on Monday, January 22 at Borough Hall (176 Park Ave) at 6:30 p.m. where this matter will be addressed in an effort to gain the governing body’s swift consent to allow the project to move forward in time to have it completed for this season. 

We urge you to show support by attending and if possible by vocally contributing your opinion in the public forum. 

If you have any questions you can email or call me on my cell phone at 646-942-3808. 

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