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Healing Hearts Beach Party

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Back in 2019, the non-profit organization, Healing Hearts, was formed. This special organization was created to help families and victims of violent crimes and abuse meet their legal and medical expenses.

With this purpose in mind, the founders and members of Healing Hearts, recognizes and fully appreciates the first responders who care for victims of violence and the community at large. This is Rutherford spoke with Beth Toole, founder of Healing Hearts to learn more about an upcoming event created to thank the First Responders in the community. TIR: This year, Healing Hearts, is holding a special event to thank the First Responders in our Borough. How did this idea come about?

Beth Toole: We want to thank the men and women who give of themselves to our community everyday.

TIR: Why do you feel it is important to recognize First Responders from the Rutherford Police Department, Rutherford Fire Department and Rutherford Volunteer Ambulance Corps?

BT: The First Responders put the welfare of the public first. They are on the scene to help save the lives and property of the people of Rutherford. Without their commitment to the Town and the residents we would be lost.

TIR: Why would you encourage people to attend this event?

BT: It will be a fun event and a great way to meet and show support to the people that are behind the scenes helping us on a daily basis. TIR: What can attendees expect at the event?

BT: We will have Games, Food, Reiki, Tarot Readings, a Henna Artist, and a Rum Tasting.

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