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Girl Scouts Recognized for Bronze Award Achievement

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Submitted by Donna Hild

Photo credits: Donna Hild

Veronica Chovan Dalton, Maddy Recine, Isabela Leon, Hana Khan, Ariella Campos, Zoe Zarwi, and Sophia Townsend

In support of Elks National Youth Week earlier this month, Shawn Stutler of Center Cinemas partnered with Rutherford Elks Lodge 547 Youth Activities Lead in recognizing Rutherford Junior Girl Scout Troop 97156. The troop completed the final step of their Bronze Award last week with the conclusion of their donation drive to benefit the Secaucus Animal Shelter. The troop members include: Hana Khan, Madeline Recine, Ariella Campos, Isabella León, Marleigh Guiterrez, Sophia Townsend, Veronica Chovan Dalton, Zoe Zarwi, Zoey Smither, and Yasmin Daifallah. Nicolle Pangis, Cynthia Chovan Dalton, and Pam Tully are the Troop leaders.

Sharon Bell, Maddy Recine, Hana Khan, Zoe Zarwi, Isabela Leon, Zoey Smither, and Shaun Stutler, Williams Center

In acknowledgment and celebration of this outstanding achievement, Shawn presented each of the girls with a complimentary movie pass yesterday. This is a great example of Rutherford youth making a difference in the community.

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