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Garden State Ballet's Nutcracker Covid Community Service Tour, ROUND 2!

by Tracy Leigh

Every year, Rutherford's Garden State Ballet company performs at the Rutherford Public Library. Since they are not able to do that this year, they've decided to take their show on the road!

Similar to the idea of caroling, they are adapting the idea to what they do best, dance! Once again, dancers will be performing favorite scenes from the famous Nutcracker ballet on Saturday, December 19th. If you missed last weekend's performances, here's an opportunity to catch it this Saturday!

Past Nutcracker performance at Rutherford Public Library

Listed below is the schedule and locations of their short performances throughout each town. Each location is a private residence of someone associated with GSB.

All times are estimated as they will be traveling throughout town from location to location. All dancers will be masked and ask that the audience practice social distancing.

1.) 91 Home Ave - Rutherford St. Mary’s Church, Rutherford at 1:45 PM

2.) 16 Carmita Ave, Rutherford: 1:55 PM

3.) Intersection of Carmita and W. Pierrepont Ave, Rutherford: 2:05 PM

4.) Intersection of W. Gouvenour and Stuyvesant Ave, Rutherford: 2:15 PM

5.) 332 Montross Ave, Rutherford: 2:25 PM

6.) Intersection of Sylvan and Highland Cross, Rutherford: 2:40 PM

7.) 1 Circle Lane, Rutherford at 2:50 PM

8.) 19 Evans Ave, Rutherford at 3:00 pm

9.) Grace Church on W. Passaic Ave at 3:10 pm

Contact GSB Director, Jody Jaron at with any questions.

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