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Event Recap: Rutherford's First PorchFest

By Jennifer Ersalesi

Photo Credits: Jess Stiles

On a perfect fall day, seven homes in Rutherford hosted bands on their front porches during Rutherford's First PorchFest, A Day of Music and Community. PorchFest was presented by the Rutherford Arts Committee. Matt Ackermann, Alex Britez, Mike Pelczynski, and Eddie Narucki worked together to develop a plan for this successful day. Public Information Officer, Kim Bogosian, assisted the Committee with coordinating the event, advertising, and communicating the details of PorchFest.

Young musicians from Rutherford Rock started off the day at Lincoln Park where children ages 8 and up played a variety of music.

After Rutherford Rock kicked off the festivities, people traveled from porch to porch to hear a wide variety of music, ranging from punk rock, 90's rock, ukelele rock, R&B, grunge, yacht rock, alternative, metal, and indie folk music.

Photos below by Julia Britez and Jennifer Ersalesi.

The event was such a huge success that the Rutherford Arts Committee already has begun planning next year's PorchFest.

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