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Be Kind at Kindergarten Center

Submitted by The Rutherford Police Department

Photographed above: First picture left to right: Officer A. Bachmann, Officer J. Arnold, and Officer S. Villareale

In 2018, the Rutherford Police Department’s Community Policing Initiative began working closely with the Kindergarten Center under the supervision of Mrs. Megan Caughey. One of the Adopt-A-Cop events took place during Great Kindness Challenge week. Members of the Rutherford Police Department, under the direction of Police Chief John R. Russo, with the help of the students created a positive message for the community - BE KIND in the fence along Highland Cross. Since that time, the BE KIND message took off and has been well received by the students, staff, and our community.

This year, the Rutherford Municipal Alliance purchased Put*In*Cups with funding from the Drug Enforcement Demand Reduction (DEDR) Fund which was awarded by the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (GCADA). Put*In*Cups have replaced the Solo cups that were used in the past. They are environmentally friendly, sturdy, and reusable.

Due to the frequent snowfall this winter, members of the Traffic Bureau and D Squad enjoyed getting out of their mobile offices on February 24th and creating a positive message for their community at the Kindergarten Center.

While this year was different, Sergeant Julie Ann Zeigler stated "The Officers missed the high-fives and little helping hands of the students, however, the Officers of the Traffic Bureau and Squad D enjoyed the socially distant laughs of the students and warm thank you messages."

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