republican Mayoral Primary CandidatE

John Grande

Rutherford resident since 1997.

Owner of New Memory Management a full Management and Entertainment Company 
Also the former owner of Johnnys Pizzamore and House of Subs on Park ave 

1) What do you consider the most pressing issue facing our town right now that you want to focus your attention on if elected?


The  easy answer in all NJ towns would be taxes. I feel that the quality of life issues for all the residents is a huge issue. Things such as roads, tress, parking, our .ball fields, snow removal, garbage and bringing in new types of business to our empty store fronts are some key issues to improve and work on.


2)  If a person or entity came to you with a proposal to build a new piece of public infrastructure in the borough (road, bridge, etc.) how would you evaluate whether that project was worth implementing?


After studying all sides of it I would ask a few simple questions. How does this benefit the town? What if any is the cost to the town and how long would it take ?How would it affect the quality of life of everyone while it’s being done? How would it effect our police, DPW, fire while its being done ? And lastly is it something both needed and something that we as a town want ?


3) As you review proposals for development projects in town, and potential revenue streams, what will you do to ensure Rutherford not only maintains its small community character, but also has the infrastructure--emergency services, DPW--and schools--to adequately support the development, ideally with no tax impact to residents?


this is a fine line we walk in the future . As we see a new building being built on Park Ave we say we are thinking of a more modern look . Does it change our small community character. First before we redevelop to much we most lay a solid ground work to handle it. We must make sure our sewer system , schools , fire , DPW and police can handle and growth we want to do. I would insist these issues are all addressed before we take on any large project that would change the towns makeup. 


4) How do you see developing arts for all ages in our town?


This is something dear to my heart . My company New Memory Management did the last show at the main theater in the Williams Center . I will work with the county on a plan I’ve had for years now to get the county and town to commit to a serious renovation of the center . I will also bring in to the town different talents for all of us to enjoy . I would start and bring into town those into the arts field to come teach and speak about their journey in doing what they do. 

5) What initiatives do you envision implementing if elected that can bring in revenue streams to our town?


My campaign card has an actual plan listed on it. Some things I am committed to doing . Among them are at no cost to the town and a way of revenue bus shelters at all bus stops . This will not only protect those waiting for busses from the weather but a source of revenue. LED lighting in all town buildings both saving money for the town but another way of going  green. Muni Meters to replace our meters it not only cuts the cost of maintenance and manpower but also gets the money quicker in the bank and no down time of regular meters . Also our store fronts to work hard to bring in new types of business to enhance and encourage people to come into town to shop. Every time someone leaves  town to shop or doesn’t come into town to shop we all lose out. 

6) What do you consider to be the most effective mode of communication to share news with the residents? Do you think information (such as road closures and new ordinances) is currently communicated effectively? Why or why not?


I feel in this day and age we lack terrible communication with the towns residents. We must understand that some people do not own or use computers so going on the web sight isn’t an optional for them. A combination of several things are needed . Besides the web sight a new modern digital board in front of town hall which can list and run several things not what we currently have. Also I would at no cost to town see small Versions of digital boards in a few spots leading into town. Similar to the current ones the police use only mounted in place . Which we can warn of street closures , events and other information . I’d also would do at no cost to taxpayers a 4 times a year newsletter of changes , upcoming events and other things .