Democratic Mayoral CandidatE

frank nunziato

Director of Business Development for DHL Global Forwarding

  1. What do you think is the best way for newer residents to learn about the community?

1. Government:  The town website ( is a great place to start.  The website has the following sections to help a new resident orient themselves to what is happening in local government and around town:  Resident Information, Borough Hall and Government, Municipal Budget, Meeting and Event Calendar, Borough Codes and Ordinances, DPW Trash and Recycling Schedule, School, Public Safety, Committees, Departments, Elected Official Information

2. Social Interaction: There are many social groups in town that have the added
component of community service, which is a rewarding way to contribute to the town
while engaging in fulfilling social activity. Depending on your interest, some groups to
consider and explore (and this is not a limited list) are: The Women’s Club of
Rutherford, The Junior Women’s Club of Rutherford, The Arts Association of
Rutherford, Intramural Sports groups through the Rutherford Recreation Department,
Access for All, The Elks, Brotherford, Rutherford Community School (for adults), events
at the Rutherford Public Library.

3.Notification: and are excellent ways to find
out about events in town. Sign up for their email alerts. The marquis board in front of
borough hall always has an event that is happening immediately posted. 


4. If elected, I propose two programs that can help new residents learn more about their
neighbors and new community. First, I would like to see a “New Resident Package” that
can be given to new residents through realtors and landlords for their new home buyers
and renters. Second, I would like to create a “New Resident Night” once per month to
help orient new residents and have them meet leaders from all areas within the


2.   Do you think there is any way to reconfigure parking better in the downtown to make parking more convenient for shoppers?                          


1. The town is in the process of working with Blue Foundry Bank to use additional spots in their parking deck for residents. 

2. The town is researching building a 5th story on the top of the Kip Center Parking
Lot, as it is zoned for an additional level of parking 


3. Currently, we are looking into ways to reconfiguring the parking spots in the Kip
Center Parking Lot to gain additional spots. 


4. We are in the process of seeking sponsorship for a pilot evening shuttle bus service
on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights to shuttle patrons to our businesses who park
a few blocks away from their entertainment destination. 


5. If elected, I would like to promote a “Walk About Town” campaign encouraging
residents to walk to dinner to reduce traffic and promote healthy habits.


6. Working with municipal leadership to use municipal parking lots for resident parking
during off hours 


7. Additional parking will be included in any new Williams Center development. 

8. Exploring options to create a parking deck on the Ettrick parking lot.

3.What do you consider to be the most effective mode of communication to share news with the residents? How would you communicate news and events to the community if elected?         


The most effective mode of communication with residents is to simply embrace that a multi-
channel communication strategy, that includes online and traditional channels to reach as many citizens as possible. It is the best strategy. There isn’t one single effective way to reach everyone. Some residents only read the newspaper. Others are only on Facebook. Some prefer email. Select residents will only look at banners and marquis postings by borough hall. And then we have some residents who are masters are navigating the information on our town website. In today’s world we need all of it and if elected Mayor, I will continue to embrace all communication channels are our community continues to develops while ensuring no one is left behind.                        


4.Do you think elected officials and appointed committee members should be required to follow a code of conduct when online and on social media?                          


I absolutely do think elected officials and appointed committee members should be required to follow a code of conduct when online and on social media—just as I would expect that same code of conduct to be followed offline and in person.  Not only are we representing ourselves and our families, most importantly as public officials, we are representing each and every resident of our town.  In fact, if elected, I will propose that each elected official and appointed committee member sign a code of conduct agreement, of which I will be the first to sign to set the example. 


5. How would you mitigate traffic and pedestrian concerns around town, especially in and around school zones?          


As the Police Liaison, I have been working with RPD Chief Russo and Councilman Mullahey on traffic calming and pedestrian safety measures.  We started with a pilot program on West Passaic installing flashing yield signs and red slate cross walks that make it easier to see yield signs and pedestrians crossing.  This has been a success in slowing down traffic and increasing pedestrian safety, so we will be rolling this initiative out on Orient Way next.  We have reached out to Public Service Electric and Gas to make the street lights brighter on Orient Way, as currently they are way too dim. We will continue to follow up with PSE&G to adjust those lights, since they are their jurisdiction. 
At the schools, we have increased patrols during drop off and pick-up.  We are also looking at installing more 4-way stop signs at more schools.   Additional use of strategically placed signs and traffic equipment to guide cars to move in a safe
and orderly fashion during congested times will continue.